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Sun conjunct Mars

Let it Out

Kelli Fox

Peace and quiet will probably be a luxury within your relationship, because you spark a lot of energy, creativity, dynamism and, yes, competitiveness in each other. You'll have a lively way of being together and communicating -- one that, from the outside, may look a lot like bickering. From the inside, it will feel more like clearing the air in an important, even necessary way.

There's a lot of energy inherent in your relationship, and it has to be expressed somehow; otherwise, you'll boil over like a pot on the stove. So don't try to 'keep the peace' in an artificial way. In this particular relationship, it will be a lot better to air out your complaints, even if it leads to an argument, than to keep things bottled up inside. They'll only come out later in an even angrier, more hostile way. Another great way to steer this energy is to be active together as much as possible. If you join a team sport together, go on frequent jogs or hikes, or join the gym and work out side by side, you'll find that you get along much better and feel more confident and centered in the relationship.

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