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Sun conjunct Jupiter

A Real Eye-Opener

Kelli Fox

Positive growth and expansion will be a wonderful focus of this relationship. In a very simple and natural way, you'll feel good when you're together. You'll give each other a lot of comfort and support, and you'll feel optimistic together, as if anything is possible as long as you work as a team.

And you're likely to find that most anything you dream up together really is possible. If your relationship continues into the future, you'll most likely be quite financially comfortable together, with a comfortable lifestyle in which you indulge yourselves in most anything you want -- frequent meals out, nice furniture for your home, vacations whenever the whim strikes you and more. This could actually be one of the downfalls of this relationship, albeit a fun one: You could be a little too indulgent of each other's desires and whims! There will be a less materialistic, more philosophical component to this influence, however. You'll focus together on broadening your horizons. You'll always try to increase your understanding, of each other, yourselves and the world around you, through travel, discussion, reading and more. In short, this relationship will be a real eye-opener for you both in a very fun and positive way.

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  1. Sylvia Meadows on July 14, 2016 at 1:44 am

    All I can truly say and that is,this is brilliant and thank you!

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