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Saturn trine Uranus

The Blending of Discipline and Freedom

Kelli Fox

You'll both need to make sure that you don't let tensions build up between you. There could be quite a bit of tension simmering beneath the surface of your connection, which will increase, if you let it, to the point that you'll explode in a fit of anger or feeling misunderstood. But if you put in a little effort and consideration, you'll find that together you can bring quite an innovative eye to your issues as a couple.

Creative problem-solving will be one of your fortes together, which will really alleviate those tensions. Still, make sure that you communicate openly and deal with problems as they arise. But beyond that, this influence will play an important part in the stability of your connection, because it will help you make innovative long-term plans together. This influence is about the blending of discipline and freedom, and when you work with it, you'll gain the best of both. You'll be levelheaded and practical in your view of most things, yet you'll both bring lots of ingenuity to the table as you build toward the future. Together, you'll respect traditional ways and means while keeping an eye out for new, interesting and unusual ideas that will enhance your connection and your lives.

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