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Saturn square Pluto

A Sense of Restriction

Kelli Fox

No matter how sweet, harmonious or supportive the rest of your relationship may seem, there will be a sense of restriction between you, as if one or both of you isn't getting what you want at an important level. As these feelings return repeatedly, frustration could build, and blame will be a natural, if unfortunate, result. You might feel as if the relationship inhibits your freedom or your happiness in some fundamental way, or it could be your partner who feels that way.

Alternatively, you could both feel as if in this relationship, you can never have quite enough money, commitment, trust or any of the other elements that make it easy to relax and just float awhile. You may feel as if your friends or your families don't support the relationship, which makes it harder to have a carefree time together. It's possible that, even if this relationship starts out with the warmest of feelings and the best of intentions, things will really cool off emotionally between you. However, if you can remember that this is a growth opportunity, a chance to work through your mutual issues of resources, trust or commitment, then as a couple you can burn through these issues and gain the rewards of a deep and intimate connection.

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  1. hajaracajou on March 8, 2018 at 7:56 am

    first of all thank you but um, really?! You think people can work on those issues and overcome them?

  2. Sum1 on April 22, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    I have this in the composite chart with a man who is in another relationship. It is a difficult aspect but have learnt to accept it for what it is. Of course, family and people around do not accept it because its overly complicated and very taboo.

  3. --›FFretrograde on October 13, 2018 at 2:18 am

    “….then as a couple you can burn through these issues….”


    She´s Three Mile Island. Nuclear core Pluto. Sun on Pluto in Scorpio, squaring Lilith conjunct Vesta and Sappho in Leo, 8H. Eros and Venus in Scorpio, too. Sun quincunx Moon in Aries. Capricorn ascendant.

    I´m a fulcrum of a Yod on Pluto conj. NN in Virgo 2H. Sun and Jupiter on the sextiles, Mercury, Pallas, Chiron opposite Pluto. With Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo asc.

    Our composite Ascendant is in Libra. Lots of mirroring, I suppose. A big age difference. Different ethnic and cultural background.
    And, composite Pluto conjunct Ascendant square Saturn right on MC.

    So, could there be any hope, at all?

    Well. For one thing we already had our all-time no-holes-barred life-or-death-match at work. And- astonishingly – came back to talking. Now many years not seeing each other, I ask her out and we´re having a great time. I never want to hurt her again. Although surely I would. But not like that.

    … There´s the death/rebirth. IAnd do think we got a chunk of karma out of the way.

    I guess the question is:

    Could this have been a defining turning point in a karmically driven relationship? Enough so, as to make us go from a “f***-or-fight” kind of energy to more of a… sweeter(??) one? (Kind of feels like it. ´Though I know this is not child´s play.).
    Maybe, the both of us being long habituated in our respective lives to swimming in lava and north-pole cold water, could make it… well, not easier exactly but, you know…..

    And… would this kind of thing be completely unheard of
    to work, in a- however, non-ordinary- relationship?

    ….´Cause then maybe we´ll be the first to make it. Says the Aries haha…:)!

    (F*** it. None of us are going to forget the other, anyway. This is hardly the first life-time around. I´m a scaredy sh*t, but there´s no running away. Like in the actual wars we surely faught before, going forward through the fear towards peace seems the best, if not least frightening, option. Brains-out b*nking is, I would hazard, an object to both of us. But that´s not the essence. I think…- across poisonous swamps and age-old mine-fields-…. a sweeter connection is within reach. This is quirky from the start, and will never be otherwise. And whatever´s in the stars, the way out- I tell myself- would be: Stand your ground and lay down the killing tools. Learning is the only real priority. )

    Thanks for the post and the info.

    • Kelli on October 13, 2018 at 11:36 am

      Wow! Intense seems like an understatement.. Thanks for sharing. Your connection is karmic yet transforming once the challenges can be overcome.

      • --›FFretrograde on October 14, 2018 at 1:02 am

        Thanks for your answer, Kelli. Yes… transforming. As far ahead as one dares. Facing the magnitude of one´s own power, and the horror and the love lining a heart. The wide open plains of powerlessness. The creativty laid down and bound in these walking ashes.

        (…Not to be sounding like a wild-eyed romantic poet or anything:)…. But, sometimes that appropriate, really. And besides… that´s probably what I bloody well am, too:))

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