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Saturn square Neptune

Things Are Better Than They Seem

Kelli Fox

You'll both have to try hard to remember that things between you aren't nearly as dismal as they'll sometimes seem. There will be a real conflict in your relationship between reality and idealism, and there will be times when both of you feel as if working toward your ideals is useless, because of some circumstance or limitation in your lives that just won't allow you to accomplish what you're trying to do. But in those moments, it may help to remember that ideals are rarely achieved in real-life relationships.

There are simply too many variables to allow perfection, except in fleeting moments, and to expect otherwise is unrealistic. Still, you could go through some very down, even depressing periods as you both feel as if the things you're trying to establish together are simply out of reach. You could start doubting yourselves and each other, or feeling very confused about the worth and nature of your relationship. You should try not to let these kinds of thoughts and feelings weaken your connection, however. You'll build strength by weathering through your moments of confusion and doing the best you can despite your doubts.

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