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Saturn sextile Pluto

The Importance of Evolution

Kelli Fox

You'll be able to weather beautifully through the difficulties that will inevitably arise during the course of your relationship. This influence will help you work through problems with dedication and an eye for permanent, positive transformation, as long as you stay attuned to the need for change. It may be a little too easy to rely on the security this aspect brings and therefore resist change, but every intimate bond should be about growing and learning.

Keep that in mind, and you'll be able to work together on the relationship in a gentle yet effective way, nurturing each other while creating a bond that makes you both feel safe and supported. This aspect ensures that if you both want to stay together, you'll be able to do so, no matter what problems come up between you, either within the relationship or outside of it. This influence gives you a lot of staying power as a couple. You'll find a great deal of strength within this bond, but it will be up to you to stay open and feeling -- meaning, keep your relationship fresh and evolving, so that your feelings for each other never grow stagnant.

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