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Saturn sextile North Node

Stable, but Stifling

Kelli Fox

This connection stands a strong chance of becoming very committed and stable. If that's what you're both looking for, then great -- you'll both enjoy the feeling of trust and security you'll derive from this relationship. But if you're looking for something more fun, spontaneous and carefree, your relationship could prove to be more than a little bit stifling.

Even if you are both interested in a firm commitment, your connection will be a little too stiff and proper at times. You'll be overly concerned with treating each other with care, which, of course, is important; but it's not the most important factor in a love relationship. Sometimes spontaneous self-expression will be more than merited, but you'll both be too restrained by habit to allow yourselves to be that free with each other. The passion you'll feel for each other could be dampened by your mutual concern with controlling yourselves, so you'll both need to work on setting your passionate sides free. Sometimes, losing control can be very liberating! You'll learn a lot about yourselves and each other if you deliberately work against the self-control and other limitations of this connection, and become less restrained in how you behave around each other.

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