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Saturn sextile Juno

Stability in Love

Kelli Fox

Your mutual needs for partnership and security within the relationship will be very well matched, which will make it easier for you both to build the kind of connection and commitment you're looking for. There will be constraints that come along with this, of course; you might both feel obligated to stay in this relationship, even if you're a mismatch in other important ways. But in some ways, this will be a help.

Even if you don't communicate well or you lack a passionate connection, you'll still feel closely bonded together, as if staying together and working on your relationship is worth it. This relationship will bring both of you a very real sense of security, albeit one that is bound up with responsibilities and other limitations. It's possible that you'll find each other's careers or families to be restrictive of your own life and time. Still, overall, the stability and security you'll get from this relationship will be right in line with what you're seeking from this partnership, which should please you both.

Saturn sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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