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Saturn opposite Uranus

Make Sure You Don't Bottle it Up

Kelli Fox

As you spend time together and become more intimate, you'll find there's a serious conflict between you regarding freedom and commitment, stability and unpredictability. This will come to light as one of you takes on the 'stick-in-the-mud' role while the other assumes the role of the erratic partner who can't be counted on; and neither of you will fully deserve these characterizations. It's far more likely that these will be projections you place on each other, based on your own needs and fears within the relationship.

Still, something will happen when you're together that pits the demands of your partnership against the urge to be free and unencumbered. One of you may end up feeling very restricted and overly controlled by the other, while the other will see their partner as completely irresponsible, even destructive to the bond you're trying to build. If you want this to last, make the effort to communicate about your feelings and problems. Don't allow tension to build up; otherwise, you'll have sudden, fierce flare-ups, or you could even decide on a whim to end things, without trying to resolve anything or see if there's a way to create a little more balance.

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