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Saturn opposite Pluto

Power Struggles and Resistance to Change

Kelli Fox

There will be a lot of tension in your relationship that results from two strong yet opposing forces at work: restriction and transformation. The two of you may embody these roles, in fact, one of you becoming the stiff, reserved one who focuses too much on security and discipline, while the other becomes the one who's focused on major, even disruptive change at any cost. Of course, both of you possess elements of these opposing sides, but you could become diametrically opposed through the course of this relationship.

As one of you pushes hard for change, the other will resist with every bit of strength and endurance you have inside you, and as you can imagine, the result will be an enormous clash of wills. It will be essential for you to learn to work together, as well as to identify what in your lives really needs changing and what's okay as it is. If there are other more harmonious influences in your relationship that highlight teamwork and positive forward progress, those will help in tempering the potential challenges of this one. But expect plenty of emotional upheavals if there are other indications of power struggles and resistance to change.

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