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Saturn opposite Neptune

Reality Set Adrift

Kelli Fox
Saturn opposite Neptune

You'll find that your ideals don't match up with your partner's, and this could lead to some strong self-doubt and depression on both your parts. One or both of you may cling too desperately to your established way of viewing the world, and as your partner challenges your perspective with one that is more fluid, intuitive, ambiguous and generally confusing than your own, you could feel set adrift, as if reality itself has deserted you. But the way to deal with these issues won't be to build them up in your minds till they're unmanageable, or to cling even more desperately to your own perspective.

Instead, try to relax a little, and go with the flow. See if you can learn something from your partner's seemingly different point of view. If you can move through the discomfort, you may find that you're ultimately strengthened by dealing with this kind of uncertainty. You could even end up changing the way you look at yourself and at the world, in a very positive way. You stand to develop a deeper, more spiritual understanding of love and relationships, and you'll build strength by weathering through your moments of confusion and doing the best you can despite your doubts.

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