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Saturn conjunct North Node

Don't Try to Control Your Relationship

Kelli Fox

One important key in this relationship will be to stop trying to control the way things go between you, and learn to sit back and see how they develop on their own. You may well find that the relationship doesn't turn out to be what you want it to be, at which point you'll decide whether to stay in it and work on things or to end it in hopes of finding a lover who's a better match for you. But either way, you and your partner both will need to relinquish any illusion of control over your connection and the way it unfolds.

If you can't do that, you'll end up restricting and even smothering each other, making for a distinctly unhappy situation on both sides. You could even push your partner away by trying too hard to govern how they treat you, what the parameters of your commitment are and so on. So put in the effort to create space, freedom and acceptance in your relationship. There will be plenty of time to decide where to take things once your connection and your potential future together become more clear.

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