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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Don't Resist the Changes

Kelli Fox

This relationship will change the way you look at yourselves and at the world. That sounds like a good thing, and indeed, it should have positive results; but the process of change may be an uncomfortable one at best, because it will amount to a slow and subtle dismantling of all you consider stable, right and real. You and your partner both may feel as if everything you thought was true about relationships and love has suddenly been thrown into question.

This will result in plenty of confusion, and likely some self-doubt as well. Depending on your individual personalities, you may react with tension or by trying to cling to your old, familiar ways of doing things; but your best bet in this situation will be to relax, be flexible and go with the flow as much as you can. If you're able to do this, you may feel confused for a while, but over time you'll start to realize you've learned an incredible amount, and your perception has shifted in ways it might never have done if you'd been on your own. You'll develop a deeper, more spiritual understanding of love and relationships, if you're able to surrender to the feeling of not knowing what's happening or where you're headed.

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