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North Node opposite Juno

A Frustrating Tension

Kelli Fox

Due to past life connections, the sort of commitment and union you'll both want to create together will be opposite to the direction in which you should head as a couple. This could make it difficult to make any kind of progress together. When you're feeling good about your relationship and your shared commitment, you'll feel as if you're stagnating as a couple, or even moving backward.

And when you're moving forward together in the direction that's right for you both, you'll both feel as if you're not at all getting what you want from this union. This will be a frustrating duality, and you'll need to work together on finding some sort of common ground between commitment and progress as a couple. Putting time and energy into solving this problem will be a growth experience for both of you, but one that may ultimately be too taxing. If you're to stay together long-term, you may have to accept that your partnership needs will be met only some of the time, and that you'll progress as a couple in fits and starts at best.

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