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Neptune square North Node

Confused about Life Direction

Kelli Fox

This could turn out to be a deeply spiritual connection, one that will help each of you find yourselves and your rightful life path; but it's more likely that you'll increase each other's need to escape reality. Of course, there's potential for either alternative to take hold as you become intimate with each other, but it will be up to you to watch out for the latter and steer your relationship toward that spiritual, emotional, enlightening bond that's possible between you. Otherwise, you could both become quite confused about your rightful life direction through the course of your relationship.

There's potential here for disappointment as well, especially if other influences between you point to idealization and disillusionment. You may realize that you're behaving in ways that aren't good for you, your partner or your connection, and you'll have a hard time understanding why you're sabotaging things. You also might simply feel confused and directionless when you're together, even if when you're on your own, you're very clear in your ambitions and where you're trying to head in life. The only thing for it will be to stay true to your goals and keep moving forward in your own life even when the relationship is a very confusing place to be.

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