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Neptune square Juno

Over-Idealizing Each Other

Kelli Fox

You'll both want to build an emotionally intimate bond that will feed your needs for union and togetherness, but these elements will be at odds within your relationship. At times you'll feel as though you share a spiritual connection, as if your souls are uniting as one, but mostly you'll feel a disappointing disconnect. You'll both need to be careful about over-idealizing one another.

There's a strong tendency here to deceive yourselves as to the true nature of your partner or your relationship, leading to disappointment later when you're finally faced with the reality of the situation and you find that it measures less than you thought. This tricky energy does offer you an important growth opportunity -- learning to accept reality instead of pretending things are ideal -- but you'll need to be perfectly honest with each other about your feelings, needs and worries, and your levels of commitment to the relationship.

Neptune square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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