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Neptune sextile North Node

Create an Atmosphere of Affection and Acceptance

Kelli Fox

This could turn out to be a deeply spiritual connection, one that will help each of you find yourselves and your rightful life path; but it's also possible that you'll increase each other's need for an escape from reality. There's potential for either alternative to take hold as you become intimate with each other, so it will be up to you to watch out for the latter and steer your relationship toward that spiritual, emotional, enlightening bond that's possible between you. Because there's also potential here for disappointment, especially if other influences between you point to idealization and potential disillusionment.

But there's lots of potential here for great love and sensitivity. Just take your time in getting to know one another. As you become intimate with each other and you feel overwhelmed by feelings of wonder and affection, don't lose sight of the fact that your partner is a real person, just as you are, and you won't always get along perfectly or communicate as if you have a psychic bond. But if you put some effort into knowing and understanding one another as you truly are, then you can create an atmosphere of real affection and acceptance that will carry you both far.

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