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Neptune sextile Juno

Partnership on a Pedestal

Kelli Fox

You'll both feel as if you've found just what you're looking for in this partnership. The emotional intimacy you'll share will seem more like a spiritual connection, as if your souls are merging as one, and the way you'll bond will feed your needs for union and togetherness. You're likely to find it incredibly easy to communicate, as if you can tap intuitively into one another's needs and emotions.

If you have an otherwise difficult communicative bond, this influence will help. You'll have to be careful about over-idealizing one another, as it will be easy to deceive yourselves about the nature of your relationship or of your partner, which could lead to disappointment when you find that the reality measures less than you thought. But in general, putting one another on pedestals will serve your partnership needs in a positive way. Just be sure to be honest with each other about your feelings, needs and desires, and your levels of commitment to the relationship. That will help avoid disappointment later.

Neptune sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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