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Neptune opposite North Node

Be Objective in Assessing the Relationship

Kelli Fox

This could turn out to be a deeply spiritual connection, and a very familiar one due to your past life connections. This relationship will help each of you find yourselves and your rightful life path; but it's quite possible that you'll idealize one another and increase each other's need for an escape from reality, and if that occurs, it will be all too easy to lose sight of where each of you should be heading in life. There's potential for either alternative to take hold as you become intimate, so it will be up to you to watch out for the latter and steer your relationship toward that spiritual, emotional, enlightening bond that's possible between you.

It will be important to get to know each other very well before you make a commitment to one another -- especially if other influences between you point to idealization and disillusionment. You'll need to communicate openly and honestly in order to get to know your partner through and through, and be as objective as possible when you're deciding whether this is the partner for you. Once you have a crystal-clear picture of each other, it's less likely that you'll convince yourselves that things are better than they really are, and at that point you'll know whether or not you can accept one another as you are. Then you can make an informed commitment, if that seems like a good idea. But otherwise, you could end up binding yourself to a person or a relationship that isn't right for you.

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