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Neptune opposite Juno

Honesty Is Paramount

Kelli Fox

You'll both strive to build an emotionally intimate bond that will feed your needs for union and togetherness, but these elements will be polarized within your relationship. At times you'll feel as though you share a spiritual connection, as if your souls are uniting as one, but other times you'll feel a disappointing disconnect, and you may swing back and forth between the two, creating great confusion. Idealizing one another might be your response to this, to try to solve the confusion: You'll simply convince yourselves that your relationship is perfect, when really, there's a lot of work to be done.

Be aware that deceiving yourselves (or each other) as to the true nature of your partner, your feelings or your connection will only lead to later disillusionment, when you're finally faced with the reality of the situation and you find that it measures less than you thought. You'll both need to work on accepting reality instead of pretending things are ideal, and be perfectly honest with each other about your feelings and your levels of commitment to the relationship. Honesty will be paramount in this relationship.

Neptune opposite Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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