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Mercury unaspected

Completing Each Other's Sentences

Kelli Fox

As individuals, you may communicate well enough with each other and those outside your relationship. But as a couple, others may not understand you nearly as well as you understand yourselves. When you are together, your conversation is lively and interesting, no matter what you are doing.

Communicate frequently with each other so neither of you feels misunderstood. You enjoy talking about a wide range of subjects, and may develop your own lingo or code words, which is funny to you but which excludes others. Because you think as a unit, completing each other''s sentences, it could be a challenge to coordinate your mental processes with others who are not in the circle of your relationship. Others can't keep up with your mental speed, and may misconstrue or misinterpret what you say. You two won't be on the same plane as many others intellectually, and it will be difficult to bridge that gap. On the other hand, as a couple, you aren't restrained by what others say.

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