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Mercury trine Pluto

A Deep Sense of Trust

Kelli Fox

This relationship will give you the chance to face down your own deep-rooted psychological issues and gain understanding about them in a relaxed, non-threatening way. Through exploring your psyches together, you'll learn about the situations and feelings that trigger your deepest anxieties. You'll often discuss important personal issues such as your feelings, fears, dreams and desires, and through these conversations you'll each develop a deep and subtle understanding of what your relationship is all about, as well as where your partner is coming from.

When issues like possessiveness, jealousy and insecurity come up between you, you'll be able to discuss them openly and reasonably rather than flying off the handle or responding on instinct alone, which is what perpetuates deep-seated fears and other blocks to intimacy. If other influences between you are as positive as this one, you'll quickly develop a strong feeling of trust as you allow yourselves to become more and more vulnerable to each other. This relationship will end up enriching your view of yourself as well as changing the way you think about the world and your place in it.

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