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Mercury square Uranus

Show Some Respect

Kelli Fox

You'll encourage each other to reject traditional ideas and conventional ways of thinking, which has its good points as well as its challenging ones. On the positive side, you'll both make sure that you keep thinking well outside the box, and you'll both look for alternative perspectives in any given situation. But that's also where trouble will come in.

Sometimes, the conventional viewpoint is also the most appropriate one, but if you two simply reject convention automatically, you'll fall into the habit of challenging ideas -- including each other's -- solely for the sake of the challenge itself. Needless to say, this will lead to feeling unsettled, criticized and judged if you're on the receiving end of your partner's constant, automatic disagreement. And if you team up together to treat other people this way, you'll find that standing alone too much can lead to ending up alone, when your friends and family feel too criticized to put up with you any longer. Rebellion solely for its own sake doesn't hold a lot of meaning, which is a lesson you'll have to learn together through the course of this relationship.

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