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Mercury square Saturn

Focus on the Positive

Kelli Fox

Challenges in communication will make it difficult to understand each other from time to time. Unfortunately, no matter how good things start out between you, soon you'll both have plenty to complain about regarding the relationship; you might even start taking a negative view of each other just by habit. You'll tell each other more about what displeases you than about what you like about being together; arguments and hurt feelings could become commonplace, and after a while, it will become all too easy just to toss up your hands in defeat and stop trying to get through to each other.

But if you care about each other and want to preserve the relationship, a much better route will be to keep making the effort -- even when it feels like there's a brick wall separating you, making it impossible to get through. You'll also have to make a conscious effort to lighten up and focus more on the positive aspects of your relationship. There will be plenty of positive parts of your connection, after all; otherwise you wouldn't be drawn to each other in the first place. But it could be difficult to make the transition toward focusing on the good stuff, reining in your petty criticisms and bringing up problems only when there's really something serious going on.

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