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Mercury square Pluto

Mental Domination

Kelli Fox

One important lesson for each of you to learn in this relationship will be that neither one of you can always be right! But you'll certainly try to convince each other that you are, and you'll embroil yourselves in some pretty big battles as you each try to force your perceptions and opinions onto one another. You may also do this as a team when you're out with friends or family, trying to push your combined world view onto other people, making them feel as if their own views aren't being heard or accepted.

This could become a difficult aspect to deal with if you let things get out of hand; whether you direct this energy toward each other or outward toward others, your communication style could become more and more aggressive and less and less sympathetic, to the point that it will be hard to get through to each other at all. But you don't have to let that happen. You can choose to be conscious of your behavior as well as the motives behind it, and remind yourselves that you need to stay open to others' viewpoints. Above all, try to avoid damaging or even destroying the relationship by forcing each other to fight for intellectual freedom.

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