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Mercury square North Node

Find a Way to Get Through

Kelli Fox

Communication is always an important part of an intimate relationship, but in the case of this particular pairing, whether you have a meeting of the minds or you just can't seem to connect at that all-important intellectual level, your communication will be an essential part of developing your bond. Whether or not you make that intellectual connection will be up in the air. You may go back and forth, sometimes really connecting in a satisfying way, which will make the times when you just can't get through to each other all the more disappointing.

Look to the other influences in your composite report for a more comprehensive picture of your communicative bond. If there are lots of aspects that signal blocks in mutual understanding, you can expect to argue and disagree frequently. And be careful in how you speak to each other during difficult moments. You'll only make things worse if you allow yourselves to fly off the handle. It will be important for the long-term success of this relationship for you two to find a way to communicate well, so be patient with each other and listen to one another, even when you think your partner is off-base about something important.

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