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Mercury sextile Uranus

Limitless Creative Potential

Kelli Fox

You can expect this connection to affect your outlook on the world in a big way. Through interacting with each other, you'll both learn to look at life through a brand-new lens, one that's different from anything you've ever imagined on your own. Even if this relationship ends up being short-lived, you'll both take something important away with you -- a fresh perspective, one you wouldn't have discovered if you'd never met.

But if your bond extends into the long term, you'll find yourselves intellectually challenged again and again, in the best way possible. Rather than breaking down your self-esteem or your sense of security in the world, these challenges will open your eyes, quicken your pulse rate and keep your connection exciting and vital. That's right -- this relationship promises never to be dull! Problem-solving will be one of your fortes as a couple, because you'll always come up with new ideas together and find new ways to tackle your issues. You'll also make a great team when it comes to creative projects, because when you put your minds together, the combined creative potential will be limitless.

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