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Mercury opposite Uranus

Forced Open-Mindedness

Kelli Fox

Though you might be looking for a relationship that provides a lot of comfort and support, you aren't likely to find that in this particular pairing. Instead, you'll find a source of constant intellectual challenge that forces you both to open your minds and think well outside the box. Now, open-mindedness and creative thinking are distinctly positive in themselves, but the process you'll both go through of becoming more open-minded could be a rough one.

You'll take frequent jabs at each other -- jokingly, of course -- in an attempt to jostle each other out of your traditional ways of thinking and force something new and unexpected. You might hurt each other's feelings on a regular basis if your little barbs are too pointed. Still, in the end, you'll both be more intellectually diverse, creative people, capable of taking risks in your thinking and arriving at unusual conclusions. Will it be worth it? That depends on other aspects and influences of the relationship, as well as on your individual temperaments. If you can put up with a certain amount of stress, and if there are other, warmer, more harmonious aspects to draw you together and create lasting affection, then chances are good that this aspect won't be too hard to deal with overall. One tip: Try not to take each other too seriously. Otherwise, your joking banter could get really hurtful.

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