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Mercury opposite North Node

Easy Communication Becomes Lazy Communication

Kelli Fox

Communication is always an important part of an intimate relationship, but in the case of this particular pairing, whether you have a 'meeting of the minds' or you just can't seem to connect at that all-important intellectual level, your communication will be an essential component of developing your bond. You may feel at first as if you have a true intellectual connection; you'll feel comfortable together, and your communication could seem effortless, as if you've known each other for a long time. But even though this sense of familiarity will seem like a positive thing for your relationship, you'll need to watch out for a few pitfalls.

Being so instantly comfortable in your communication, after all, will mean you won't be as careful in how you talk to each other as you might with someone else. You won't watch what you say, which means you could set some less-than-positive standards in terms of how you listen to and treat one another. Habitual communicative tactics -- such as tuning each other out, interrupting one another and so on -- could become the norm between you, unless you're very careful not to let that happen.

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