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Mercury opposite Jupiter

Mind-Expanding Optimism

Kelli Fox

This influence has some benefits and some challenges. On the positive side, you'll have a broadening effect on each other's minds. You won't always agree on everything, not by any means; but you'll be more able than many couples to keep your arguments and disagreements to the truly important things.

And when you do disagree, you'll both be patient with each other and tolerant of one another's viewpoints. Needless to say, this will keep things a lot more harmonious between you, because you'll avoid the typical pettiness that can make disagreements so unpleasant. But on the more challenging side of things, you may end up having an overly broadening effect on each other, in the sense that together, you lose your focus, and think big. Really big. If you end up living together, this could become a real problem if it encourages you to invest in grand schemes that never pan out. But if you're careful with your money, your energy and your expectations, you can avoid the pitfalls of this influence, and simply enjoy its mind-expanding benefits.

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