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Mercury opposite Juno

Difficulty Discussing the Big Stuff

Kelli Fox

You two will find it difficult to talk about your relationship problems in a calm, open way. A good communicative bond will help with this issue, but you'll find that you're both quite sensitive to anything that seems unfair or imbalanced in your connection or your communication. You could both get really worked up when you're trying to discuss a problem, or you might become tongue-tied, not knowing what to say or how to say it without jeopardizing the relationship itself.

You could also swing back and forth between the two, which will make it hard to find that all-important middle ground. One minute you might suffer together through a chilly, wounded silence; the next, a blazing argument in which neither of you feels heard or understood. You'll need to work together on building your connection and finding ways to discuss difficult subjects in a calm, open and accepting way, even when your feelings are hurt. These are important lessons for any relationship, not just a love affair, and you'll both benefit from putting effort into learning them.

Mercury opposite Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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