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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Intellectual Stimulation

Kelli Fox

One thing is sure: Through the course of this relationship, your minds will expand in some exciting ways that you couldn't possibly predict. You'll challenge each other to open your eyes and minds and view the world in a whole new way. Your conversations will take unpredictable turns as you focus on ways to sharpen and improve your thinking.

Together you'll brainstorm ideas to make the world a better place, and you'll make each other think ever more creatively, well outside the box. Getting into a rut together will be very unlikely; your influence on each other will be too unique and interesting to allow that to happen! Of course, things will inevitably get a little dull from time to time, and that's when the more challenging potential of this influence will kick in. On the rare occasion that your interactions aren't utterly thrilling, you might convince yourselves that the spark is gone and the relationship is over (which, of course, won't be the case). Similarly, there may be so much stimulation between you that you have a hard time relaxing together. With an influence like this one between you, you'll have to remind yourselves that the occasional dud of a conversation is normal, and down time is a good thing!

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