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Mercury conjunct Pluto

You're Not Armchair Psychologists

Kelli Fox

Self-analysis will become a strong focus of this relationship, and the longer you stay together, the more you'll learn about each other and yourselves. You may come to understand yourself at a deeper level than you ever would have on your own; in fact, the searching, analyzing quality of your conversations will be much like the dynamic between a therapist and client. Try not to lose sight of the fact that you're supposed to be lovers, not armchair psychologists!

If you make it a habit of picking each other and the relationship apart, you'll never be able to strike a balance between striving to improve your communication while accepting each other for who you are and appreciating the relationship as it is. And if you take this influence too far, you could find yourselves embroiled in some sort of mental, intellectual power struggle, in which you'll try to dominate each other's perceptions. Try to keep a handle on this; remind yourselves as frequently as you need to that you've come together not to change each other's ways of thinking or of perceiving yourselves and the world around you, but to help each other grow -- in a gentle, accepting way.

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