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Mercury conjunct North Node

A Meeting of the Minds

Kelli Fox

Communication is always an important part of an intimate relationship, but in the case of this particular pairing, whether you have a meeting of the minds or you just can't seem to connect at that all-important intellectual level, your communication will be an essential component of developing your bond. It's likely that you'll enjoy a real intellectual bond, one that informs much of what you do together on a daily basis. Your conversations will be long, varied and frequent, and you'll cover lots of different subjects that interest you both.

You'll probably most enjoy dates that center on intellectual pursuits, as well -- attending book readings, lectures or debates together, or seeing documentary films that you can discuss later over coffee. You should nurture this communicative bond between you, and don't cut yourselves off from the rest of the world. You'll need plenty of outside stimulation, too, in order to keep this connection thriving.

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