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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Listen Compassionately

Kelli Fox

There are a couple of different ways this influence can go. In one case, you may find that your communication takes on a dreamy, unclear quality. You could have a lot of trouble being honest with each other.

Even when you are direct, your partner may have trouble understanding what they're hearing, and vice versa. Even if you're both good listeners, when you're together it will be as if you're listening to each other through fog or seeing one another through a distorted lens. It will be all too easy to twist things in your minds, including your partner's words or intentions. But alternatively, you might actually have a strengthening effect on each other's thought processes, if you can bring a more spiritually attuned dimension to one another's logic. Logic in itself, after all, is just one facet of perception, and it is deepened when paired with intuitive knowledge, compassion and the like. You can steer your bond toward the latter manifestation of this energy by trying your hardest not to idealize each other or your bond, and by making a consistent and pointed effort to communicate honestly.

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