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Mercury conjunct Mars

You Won't Bottle it Up

Kelli Fox

Even if you're both ordinarily pretty relaxed, easygoing, even retiring people, when you get together, you'll spark up each other's energy and elicit some impassioned responses from one another. You'll be hard-pressed not to express your feelings to each other, in fact -- and when you're feeling upset about something, you can be sure your thoughts and impressions will come bubbling out at double-speed, which could easily start an argument. With such lively back-and-forth interactions, in fact, arguments and disagreements could become commonplace, especially if other influences in your composite chart point to friction between you.

On the other hand, you might both really enjoy your verbal sparring. Other people -- such as your friends and family who have to sit there while you two verbally duke it out -- might think you're just bickering, but really, you two could be having the time of your lives as you debate what you'll consider important issues and work together through all your feelings. This influence has another benefit: It will be rare that you bottle up any hurt feelings or irritations and allow them to fester. Do try not to let that happen; especially in this pairing, bottled-up feelings could hurt or even destroy the whole relationship.

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