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Mars trine Uranus

Go Where it Takes You

Kelli Fox

You'll help each other learn brand-new ways of being and behaving in a relationship, but this shouldn't be a difficult process. It should be a fun, exciting and engaging one, one that you're both happy to be involved in. You'll learn to be less possessive than you've ever been before, because freedom and individuality will be so highlighted.

From your first meeting through your courtship and beyond, in many ways, this relationship won't follow the normal, prescribed course that you're used to. The best way to respond will be simply to accept things as they come. The fewer expectations you have, the better; that way, you'll be able to enjoy all the unpredictability and excitement. As long as you're both being genuine as well as enjoying yourselves and each other, there should be no problem! If other aspects between you signal an unstable or unpredictable affair, this influence will add to that energy, but it will also help make sure that your connection is still mutually enjoyable, and that you both grow through sharing this experience.

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