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Mars trine Saturn

A Formidable Team

Kelli Fox

Together, you are a formidable team. Little could prevent you from achieving your goals as a couple. Be careful of settling too firmly into particular patterns of behavior, however.

This influence brings a certain amount of stability to your connection, a good thing except in this case, it may contribute to habitual behaviors and responses that could be difficult to break out of. This isn't an insurmountable issue, however; a little self-awareness will go a long way toward solving the problem. Try to be aware of the patterned, habitual responses you have developed with each other. And be sure that you give yourselves plenty of room for genuine, spontaneous self-expression as well. The upside of this aspect is your ability to work long and hard together. It lends certain ambition and desire to succeed. As a couple, you are able to create and develop something significant and long-lasting, even if that takes years. You have the endurance and patience to wait until the time is right. Together, you can go far.

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