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Mars trine Pluto

Inspired, Dynamic Transformation

Kelli Fox

This relationship will be one of dynamic, energetic change for both of you. Through getting to know and becoming close with each other, you'll learn more about yourselves as well as one another, and you'll both want to make personal transformations that will change your whole lives. This particular influence will help you learn to cooperate with each other.

You'll push forward toward your own goals with greater perseverance than you might have on your own, because this aspect will help you to work together rather than against each other. You'll be able to offer each other a very real and valuable kind of support as you each work toward your dreams, and you'll also come to understand yourselves better so that you can tailor your dreams more closely to the people you are inside. Problem-solving is likely to be one of your fortes as a couple; you'll inspire a kind of energetic creativity within each other that enables you to tackle any problems that arise with inventiveness and ingenuity. This aspect will also spark up the physical side of your connection; your sexual bond will become a vital and powerful part of your relationship.

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