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Mars trine Neptune

Working Toward a Spiritual Ideal

Kelli Fox

You'll come together in order to work toward something that means a great deal to both of you. This is less likely to be a physical, concrete goal than it is to be something spiritual or emotional. There may be times when you feel confused, because there will be so much about your connection that you sense but don't completely understand.

The best way to overcome this is to simply go with the natural flow of energy between you. You'll both sense that your connection isn't ordinary; it will seem very special, and you'll both know that you have some important work to do together, something to do with the ways in which each of you experiences and responds to the world around you. Just be certain that your communication is as pure as your intentions. Any small deception between you could lead to something undesirable. It's best to be honest with each other and treat each other with sensitivity and compassion. If you do all of this, you're likely to find that you're uplifted by your bond, and that your entire perception of life changes as a result.

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