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Mars square Uranus

An Unpredictable Connection

Kelli Fox

Try not to have too many high expectations for this relationship. It's not that your bond won't become something dear and valuable to you both; it's that it will follow its own course, no matter how either of you tries to influence it, so having rigid expectations can only lead to disappointment. If you can be more open to the fluidity and changeability of this relationship, you'll stand to gain a lot more from it.

Sudden, unexpected changes may characterize your bond, which could mean that a long-term commitment just isn't in the stars for you two. You'll have to look at the rest of your composite chart for a more complete picture of whether this has long-term potential. But based on this influence alone, the only thing you may be able to count on together is unpredictability. New experiences will become the norm for you both, and they won't all be pleasant ones. At least this connection will be surprising and stimulating! And you'll definitely keep each other on your toes. But if you're looking for a connection you can count on, day in and day out, this may not turn out to be it.

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