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Mars square Saturn

Out of Sync

Kelli Fox

You'll find it hard to sync up your energies, your goals and your ambitions, and the effects of this could range from occasionally frustrating to a constant source of tension between you. Especially if your communicative bond isn't very strong, there could be a lot of strain and anxiety lurking beneath the surface of your relationship. This makes it difficult to find open, honest expression, which is essential to overcoming this problem together.

While it's good to try to get along and share a harmonious connection, neither one of you should try to do so by suppressing real feelings of anger, hurt or resentment. Instead, you should find nondestructive ways to express these feelings so that you can talk them out and process through them as a couple. The danger here is that you'll fall into the trap of becoming more and more resentful toward each other, and therefore more and more critical, always trading barbs but rarely just having it out with one another. Since you'll so often be out of sync with each other, you'll also both have to focus on letting your partner have things their way once in a while. If either of you is too demanding, that will only contribute to the difficult, stagnant energy between you.

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  1. Rene on May 17, 2018 at 5:50 am

    Again your so right but it is not easy to achieve when one think she’s always right and am always wrong

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