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Mars square Neptune

Threatened by Each Other's Self-Expression

Kelli Fox

This particular influence could make it difficult to communicate with each other in an effective, straightforward way, because nameless anxieties will work beneath the surface of your relationship, undermining your connection. When your partner tries to express their goals or needs in a strong way, you could take it as a threat to you at some level that you won't completely understand. At a deeply emotional level, you may fear that their self-expression will somehow overpower or drown out your own selfhood and emotional needs; but at the surface, all you'll know is that you're uncomfortable with the way things are going.

You'll both need to be careful about the way you use your egos within the relationship and make sure that you don't try to dominate one another at that level, because any ego games or power struggles that you initiate aren't likely to go well for either of you. Part of the problem will be that neither of you will even be aware of what you're engaging in, enabling the pattern you're creating to continue unchecked. Be certain that you treat each other with both care and honesty. Any level of dishonesty, including manipulation, won't lead to good things.

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