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Mars sextile Jupiter

Mutual Support and Optimism

Kelli Fox

You'll help each other do and become everything you've ever dreamed of. If this relationship extends into the long term, you're both likely to take great strides toward your personal and career goals. You'll give one another the space, support and encouragement you each need to achieve your dreams, and you'll bring a lot of energy and optimism to one another's lives.

You'll also make a great team when it comes to any kind of project, whether that's winning a soccer game, brainstorming career plans or anything in between. Working together will come easily to you, in part because of the warm and positive feelings you'll both have when you're together. But perhaps even more importantly, this influence will help you develop a true and affectionate friendship. You'll simply really like each other, and you'll want to do what you can to help and support each other's dreams. Since positive thinking leads to positive outcomes, the optimism you inspire in each other is likely to play a big role in setting goals, aiming high and then reaching those goals as a team.

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