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Mars sextile Juno

A Shared Passion

Kelli Fox

Your mutual partnership needs are a good match with the natural drive and energy of your connection, which means you shouldn't have much trouble asserting yourselves as a couple. You'll be well matched in terms of your shared sexual passion, and you'll have similar impulses when it comes to the ways you express anger, desire, will and more. You're likely to share similar goals for your relationship, and you'll pursue them with similar levels of energy and excitement.

These similarities could be both positive and tricky, however. If you're both impulsive in this relationship, always testing the limits of your commitment, your connection might not last under the strain. Similarly, if you're both into taking risks, you might put the relationship in jeopardy. And if you're naturally argumentative with each other, get ready for a fiery connection that rarely settles down! Of course, that will match up well with your partnership needs, which means that if you're both into a high-energy, challenging interaction, that might be just what you need to feel connected and engaged.

Mars sextile Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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