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Mars opposite Pluto

Let Transformation Happen Naturally

Kelli Fox

This could become a really difficult relationship if you're not careful. You'll both sense that your egos are somehow in conflict with each other, so you'll slip all too easily into petty power struggles and other types of aggressive conflict. If you become locked into a pattern of battling against each other for dominance, neither one of you will learn much; instead, you'll just create more and more grief in each other's and your own lives that sooner or later, neither one of you will be able to stand it.

There is a way around this, though, especially if there are plenty of harmonizing influences in your relationship that will help you work together rather than against each other. Since this particular influence is about your egos and the need for transformation, you'll need to stop trying so hard to change each other, and start allowing yourselves to be changed. This may sound paradoxical, and it will probably feel very uncomfortable; but you'll both need to let go of your suspicions and your worries that your partner is going to somehow overpower or control you, and start letting them have a real, genuine effect on you. That's the only way either of you will be able to get anything positive out of this relationship -- if you give up your own need to control things and instead allow the necessary transformations to occur on their own, naturally.

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