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Mars opposite North Node

Unconscious Ego Conflicts

Kelli Fox

You'll have a hard time working together toward a shared goal, so you'll need to work to develop that skill; but first, you'll need to try to understand the reasons behind your difficulty in working together. There will be at least a few challenging influences between you that create conflict and otherwise diminish your ability to work as a team. But the biggest part of the issue will be that your egos are in conflict, and neither of you will fully realize it.

All you'll know will be the fact that teamwork is difficult, and it will be a real challenge to find a project or a goal you can both get behind. Even if you can find a mutually engaging project, you'll both try to be the boss and dominate the other into doing things your way. Still, teamwork will be an important focus and function of your connection, so you'll need to put special effort into working out your ego conflicts. Do make sure that you put time and effort into accomplishing something important together; otherwise, you'll spend too much time arguing and your connection will suffer over time. Teamwork, on the other hand, will strengthen your relationship as well as making you both feel more directed and determined as individuals.

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