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Mars conjunct Uranus

Flexibility Is Key

Kelli Fox

Flexibility will be key in making this relationship work. Without it, your hopes and expectations will almost certainly not be met, because this will be the kind of relationship that defies all expectations and simply follows its own course -- no matter what you and your partner may think or try to do about it. There will be a strong element of surprise and even rebellion created when you're together.

Extraordinary things could happen to the two of you, things that simply wouldn't occur when you're apart. It's also possible that your relationship itself will come to symbolize a rebellion against the outside world or others' expectations -- if, for example, your friends or parents are against the relationship, and you choose to pursue it anyway. But even if being together isn't an act of defiance or rebellion in itself, you can expect this connection to develop in a very unusual way, one that can hardly be predicted. If unusual experiences excite you, then this could turn out to be an incredible, thrilling connection! But if you're looking for something sedate, stable and predictable, this probably isn't it.

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