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Mars conjunct Pluto

Transformative Power

Kelli Fox

This could be a transformative relationship in an extremely positive way, or it could be quite a difficult experience for you both. It's up to you to choose which way things go between you. What's certain is that you'll generate a lot of power when you're together, and you'll have to choose how you direct it.

The best use of it will be to work hard together toward a shared goal, something that will change things for the better for both of you. A less constructive use would be not to aim this power at anything in particular; in that case, you're likely to start aiming at each other, which will result in some intense power struggles as each of you tries to gain domination over the other and reshape your partner into the person you think they ought to be. Remember, this particular influence is all about transformative power; that's why it's important to be conscious of how you use that power, and to choose your goals as a couple. otherwise, things could degenerate between you to the point that you're always struggling against each other -- struggling to be yourselves while simultaneously trying to shape your partner into someone they're not.

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