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Mars conjunct North Node

Focus on Working Together

Kelli Fox

The two of you will need to concentrate on working together toward a shared goal. If there are other influences between you that might divide your interests, create conflict or otherwise diminish your ability or desire to work as a team, you'll need to work extra hard at this, because teamwork will be an important focus and function of your connection. In short, you'll both need to make sure that you don't let your egos get in the way of accomplishing something important together.

If you find yourselves arguing or working at cross-purposes, you'll need to get creative and find a new way to tackle the issue at hand. In general, you should work on throwing your energies together and creating something that's valuable and meaningful for you both. Look for a project or a goal that you both believe in, and then set to work on the planning and execution process. You'll find that going through this together will strengthen your relationship as well as making you both feel more directed and determined as individuals.

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